Leave a Legacy

Leaving something in your Will

Deciding what to do about a will is a big decision. Of course many people will want to leave something to family and friends and we understand that this is often the main priority but leaving something to the Children of The Dump can make a big difference to children who might otherwise face a  difficult start in life and you can be assured that every penny that you give will go towards looking after the children.

  • The decision to leave a legacy is yours alone and you should do so  in your own time once you have thought about it. Your privacy is important and you don’t have to tell Children of The Dump if you decide to do decide to leave something to the charity.


  • It is easy and can be cheap to write a will for the first time but you may want to take advice from a solicitor first.


  • If you already have a will it can be an easy matter just to add a simple 1 page separate amendment, called a codicil, to your existing will


  • You can be assured that every penny that you give will go towards looking after the children


You can get started by downloading a Codicil form below.


A few words from Michael...

Michael is a supporter of Children of The Dump who decided that he wanted to leave something to the Children of The Dump in his will.

I have been lucky enough to visit many foreign countries and I take it for granted that I have enough to eat and that I  live in a comfortable safe home with a guaranteed roof over my head.

I have seen on my travels that vast numbers of people are not in this fortunate position and leaving a legacy is a small way in which I can make a massive difference to children in far away Manila who do not have the advantages that I have had.

I discussed doing this with my family and they thought it was a great thing to do.  Filling out the codicil form took just a couple of minutes to do and I have made sure that it is kept with my will.