Spring Newsletter 2022 Edition 69

Alben – A Mission to be Accomplished

Here is some brand new inspiring news from Manila!
Alben, along with his younger brother was a long-term resident and student at Mango House. Unfortunately when they were young their father left home and the children had to stay with their elderly grandmother who, unfortunately could neither cope nor afford to bring them up so they arrived at Mango House. Both were popular and successful students but completely lost touch with any family.
Alben finished his studies and had earned technical qualifications in 2016 when he left Mango House. Alben had also welcomed God into his heart as a result of the Christian spiritual learning and guidance at Mango. With the help and support of Mango staff, Alben was able to track down some family members through social media and Peter Emata, our director in Manila has fond memories of taking Alben to Mindanao to reunite with long lost family.

A successful career opened up for him at a property company that worked with banana plantations. Unfortunately, the business failed in the wake of disruption and damage after an earthquake. This led to a difficult time for Alben, but he quickly found new hope and purpose as part a church congregation that has a similar spiritual ethos to his grounding at Children of the Dump.
After a further year Alben had enrolled on a missionary training course with the church and had travelled into rural areas of The Philippines. The latest news is that he will become an overseas missionary and is currently preparing for his first assignment in Papua New Guinea.
This is just the latest example of the extraordinary success of those children that benefit from the support of Children of the Dump. All this has come to pass thanks to the support and commitment of sponsors at Children of the Dump. What an uplifting story. Alben welcomes your prayers and thoughts in this new endeavour. Alben is pictured here with his younger brother at Mango House.

From making a living out of other people’s trash, now the corporate world Stephen!

And another success story!
A month before his graduation from his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program in college, Stephen was offered a part-time job at a Pharmaceutical company as Field Auditor.

He has a chance for full-time employment once he receives his bachelor’s diploma in July. Stephen was accepted in our residential facility because of poverty and a dysfunctional family. At ASCF Mango Tree House, he received his basic needs and experienced loving family support from the ASCF staff, supporters, and his sponsor. He persevered and worked hard and is about to reap the fruits of his labour.

Watch him tell his story HERE

We are mighty proud of his achievements and excited for this young man for what the future holds for him once he leaves our residential care.
Your support in the work that we do allowed Stephen to reach the fulfilment of his dreams.

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