Recycle Inkjet Cartridges

Recycle your ink jet cartridges

Raise money for Children of the Dump in the UK by recycling your computer printer ink jet cartridges at no cost to you as the charity has a partnership with The Recycling Factory.

What do I do?

Take your old inkjet cartridges, pop them in an envelope, address the envelope using a downloaded address label and post them off FREEPOST to The Recycling Factory. They will recycle the cartridges and pay money directly to Children of the Dump.

The charity will receive from 75p (for black and white cartridges) up to £1.50 (for colour cartridges) each so you are really making a difference. Money is paid for the following cartridge brands.

  • HP
  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Samsung

Other cartridges (eg from Staples, Tesco) can be recycled but generate no funds for Children of the Dump and previously refilled cartridges are not accepted.

You can send up to 1kg worth of cartridges in 1 envelope.

YOU MUST USE THE SPECIFIC ADDRESS LABELS FROM THE RECYCLING COMPANY as these have the Freepost barcode and also the barcode that identifies Children of the Dump as the recipient of the funds raised.

Download the address label by clicking  below or ask any Charity Trustee.

Who are The Recycling Factory ?

They are a long established company recycling over 8 million inkjet cartridges a year and have contributed £4 million to charity.