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Leaving something in your Will to Childrens Charity

Making a Will is a big decision and needs careful thought. It is something that everyone should do but please make sure that you take professional advice first.

The main priority is often to leave something to family and friends but gifting something to Children of the Dump makes a huge ongoing difference to children who otherwise face a difficult start in life.

  • There can be tax advantages too as a gift to Charity may reduce your Inheritance Tax Bill. Please get your own advice about this.


  • Leaving money to a Charity is not something only for wealthy people. Many Charities receive a lot of their funding from gifts in Wills and the amounts vary widely.


  • If you already have a Will then why not just add a Codicil form and keep it with your existing  Will. You can get started by downloading a Codicil form here. It takes just a couple of minutes to fill in.


You can get started by downloading a Codicil form below.

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A few words from Kay...

Kay is Chair of Children of the Dump, and with her husband Fred describes how easy it was to update their Wills.

In the 10 years since we had made our Wills a lot had changed. We had both retired, our children had grown up and there were grandchildren to think of. We also knew  that leaving a gift to a charity could reduce inheritance tax. 

We chose a good local solicitor and we were soon sitting with Philippa in her office explaining our needs and learning about tax. Things were now more settled for us and without the uncertainties of work ,mortgage and children’s university costs we felt able to leave a gift to Children of the Dump. We wanted all the passion that we hold for the charity’s work to continue to be felt after our deaths. 

Once the new Wills were signed, we felt good that we had put things in order.

Kay and Fred leave chariot donation in their Will