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Children of The Dump works with the poorest families in Manila to help transform their children’s lives.

  • Hundreds of people scavenge these dumps daily to find food scraps and rubbish that can be sorted by hand and sold for recycling.
  • Families struggle to earn enough for a single daily meal. Their tiny, flimsy homes are shacks without mains water or drainage right beside the stinking and filthy dumps with the rats and insects. Homes often flood during the monsoons.
  • This is an unforgiving sweltering tropical environment swarming with flies that is dangerous and no place for children. Normally children help out on the dump as soon as they are able because there is no money for child care or schooling.
  • Some inhabitants have been moved away from the Dumps to new concrete shell communities on the very edge of the city. Unfortunately there are no jobs, services or cheap transport options  to allow these displaced families to earn a living her or nearby so the Charity also supports children here.

Introductory video about the charity work in Manila

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Young child working on the dump in Manila

Life on the dump

Scavengers pay to get access to the dump and they then search through the rubbish trying to avoid the rats or getting cut and scratched by sharp objects.

How Children of The Dump changes lives through education

  • Children of the Dump works in The Philippines with a local charity partner who manage the projects and also raise funds locally. Teachers and social workers in Manila are carefully selected fully trained and qualified Filippino professionals.
  • As a small charity Children of the Dump is proud that over 80% of funds raised go directly to Manila to fund activities.
  • The charity has over 40 years of successful work behind it which means that we have learned what works best but we need your support .

"Grapevine really had helped me a lot financially, emotionally, and spiritually."

A Student of Grapevine

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