What We Do

Children of The Dump works with the poorest families to help transform their children’s lives.

  • The children who are helped live in the areas around the barrios of Payatas and San Isidro, now the site of the largest rubbish dump in Manila. This is a city of over 13 million people in the Philippines.
  • Hundreds of people scavenge these dumps daily to find food scraps and rubbish that can be sorted by hand and sold for recycling.
  • Families struggle to earn enough for a single daily meal. Their tiny, flimsy homes are shacks without mains water or drainage right beside the stinking and filthy dumps with the rats and insects. Homes often flood during the monsoons.
  • This is an unforgiving sweltering tropical environment swarming with flies that is dangerous and no place for children. Normally children help out on the dump as soon as they are able because there is no money for child care or schooling.
  • Some inhabitants have been moved away from the Dumps to new concrete shell communities on the very edge of the city. Unfortunately there are no jobs, services or cheap transport options  to allow these displaced families to earn a living her or nearby so the Charity also supports children here.
  • There are 3 programmes for different children with different needs who need regular sponsorship. Find out more below.

Life on the dump

Scavengers pay to get access to the dump and they then search through the rubbish trying to avoid the rats or getting cut and scratched by sharp objects.

How Children of The Dump changes lives

  • Children of the Dump works in The Philippines with a local charity partner who manage the projects and also raise funds locally. Teachers and social workers in Manila are carefully selected fully trained and qualified Filippino professionals.
  • As a small charity Children of the Dump is proud that over 80% of funds raised go directly to Manila to fund activities.
  • The charity has over 40 years of successful work behind it which means that we have learned what works best but we need your support .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure my money gets through to those who need it?

Children of the Dump works in conjunction with a local charity on the ground in Manila. We have audited accounts that are available on the website. As a UK Charity we are regulated by the Charities Commission- a legal body which oversees all UK charities and their activities. We are a not-for-profit organisation. The continued support we receive depends on us showing that we use our money efficiently and effectively.

How does Children of The Dump operate in the Philippines?

Children of the Dump operates in conjunction with ASCF (Asian Student Christian Foundation), our partner charity in the Philippines, who manage the day to day running of the programmes and are responsible for local fundraising in the Philippines. Trustees of ASCF are drawn from all works of the community and include lawyers, clerics and other professionals, each of whom either has a personal connection to the charity or has worked with the charity for a number of years. The ASCF is a private non-profit child and family welfare and development organisation duly licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in The Philippines 

How are the sponsored children selected?

In every case it is the local community members who select which children will become sponsored.

What is the value of child sponsorship?

Sponsorship aims to support the child right the way from Pre-School through the entire education process which lasts many years. This continuity is important because it aims to ensure that children are able to complete their education and become successful independent adults. The benefits that the child receives are also felt within the immediate family, particularly with brothers and sisters as well as helping to build a sustainable community in what is a hostile environment.

How is my Donation used?

The money is administered locally in the Philippines where social workers check that the sponsored children are participating effectively in the educational programmes. If things go wrong the support is there to help get the sponsored child back on track.

What happens if I need to stop my Sponsorship?

Perhaps you are no longer able to sponsor a child. You can stop the sponsorship at any time for any reason. No child will be taken out of school. Children of The Dump will fund the child out of reserves and in the longer term will look for new sponsors.

Will I get to know my sponsored child?

You will receive personalised reports on the progress of your child and you have the opportunity to send letters and cards through the UK address. The children love to hear from their sponsors and will respond with short letters.

Why should I choose Children of The Dump?

We have been working in Payatas since 1975 to improve the lives of children in the Payatas Dump so over that time we have learned what works best. We help change a child’s life by working with the family as well as the child. This means building long term support and trust which may include transforming the way people think to ensure that the children can have better futures. We work within the community and have close local ties with the local authorities to ensure that our work is within the law and is completely relevant and appropriate for life in the Philippines.

How can I donate but not online?

If you would like to make a Regular Monthly gift then you can set up a direct debit through your bank. We have a Standing Order form for you to take to your bank. If you are a UK tax payer it would be great if you post to us a filled out Gift Aid Certificate which lets us claim an extra amount from the government at no cost to you.

Download Gift Aid for Tax Payers form

Download Standing Order Form

You can also post a cheque to Children of The Dump at:
Children of the Dump, High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3SY.

You can make a payment through your bank to:
Town Centre Branch

Bank Sort Code  40-43-36
Account Name  Asian Students Christian Trust
Account Number  01146629

Quoting the reference:  General Fund

How much of my money goes to the child?

Children of the Dump is proud that at least 80% of expenditure goes directly to the Philippines. The rest of the money raised is used to  cover the cost of setting up the programmes, creating fundraising opportunities and ensuring that money is spent wisely in the UK and the Philippines

Do my donations attract Gift Aid?

Yes. If you are a UK tax payer and you  tick the button when you sign up then Children of The Dump can claim 25p for every £1 that you give to the charity. This costs you nothing.