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A residential home for up to 50 disadvantaged children rescued from extreme poverty.  Mary Grace* is one of the many of whom have had a painful or difficult start in life, for some of them Mango is the only family they have known.

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Keeping children safe and secure

Working with our local partners in the Philippines, ASCF, the House is run by fully trained staff. Social workers, professional local house parents and other staff who provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children in need aged from 5 onwards.

Child education and personal life support

At Mango Tree House all of the children are fed, clothed and go to local schools or college. They are looked after for all the time that they are in full time education.

Children like Mary Grace* are supported in their education and their personal life. In many cases pastoral care is just as important as educational needs.

When possible if circumstances change, the children are reintegrated into their family. Children are encouraged to visit and keep in contact with family members so long as it is safe to do so.

Children working on the dumpsite Manila

Mary Grace's Story

Mary Grace has been rescued from her old life of poverty around the Dump and now has a British sponsor. This enables her to live in a safe and secure environment with enough to eat. She loves going to school.

How has Mango Tree House changed lives?

Mango Tree House is a loving home

Children share their rooms with other similarly-aged boys or girls. The older children support the younger ones and often help them with their studies. In this video Neil speaks about the opportunities that sponsors of Mango Tree has given him.

Restoring a childs confidence

An important element of the charities work at Mango Tree House is helping to restore the confidence of newly arrived children. Mary Grace arrived at Mango Tree House 3 years ago having lost her parents and faced further difficulties afterwards. Today Mary Grace has become a happy and sociable young girl who is living in a safe and secure environment. By the time that she is ready to leave after completing her education there is every reason to think that she will live a full and independent life.
Mango Tree House for children rescued from extreme poverty.
Mango House for disadvantaged children rescued from extreme poverty.

A sense of community

Many of the children may stay at Mango Tree House for over 10 years as they grow up, leading to a real sense of community amongst the Mango children.  They are grateful for the opportunities given to them and during the recent natural disasters that have hit the Philippines they have been keen to help in various community and disaster relief projects.
Sponsored children at school

Coming back to help other children

Mango Tree House has seen many examples of children like Mary Grace who have gone on to have successful careers. Many of these come back later to help the charity at Mango Tree House or our other charity projects, whether as social workers, teachers, or simply volunteers giving back to their 'home'. 

Your sponsorship can save children from poverty

It costs £80 a month to fully sponsor a Mango child through education food and lodging with full pastoral care.
That’s less than £3 per day.

We recognise that it is a big commitment for anyone to offer full sponsorship of a child like Mary Grace every month over the years, so you may like to share sponsorship with friends, family or work colleagues. Children of the Dump are also able to combine the support of several sponsors to ensure that children are fully funded.


£80 per month allows your child to receive a full education and to live in the safe and secure residential environment of Mango Tree House

Don’t worry if you are unsure about making a long term commitment to sponsorship. You can stop your sponsorship (or change the amount) at any time by contacting Children of the Dump who will ensure that each child can continue their education.

All the Mango House children like Mary Grace have sponsors, with many supporting the same child throughout their education. Sponsors are encouraged to keep in contact with the children (but do not have to), exchanging letters and messages which is something that the children love.

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Grown up Danny-Lisondra was sponsored by Charity

Charity success Story

Read the story of Danny Boy Lisondra, proof that Mango Tree child sponsorship works, and really can save children from life on the dump...

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