What is The Big Give Christmas Week?

Every donation you make is doubled because of match funding by other charity pledgers up to a maximum of £16,500. For the Big Give you must use the red Donate Now button

ONE Donation TWICE the Impact

Please note that the Big Give suggest a voluntary 15% tip for donations. You can choose not to add this.

How will the Big Give transform lives in Manila?

2021 has been difficult. There have been repeated Lockdowns which has stopped people earning their hand to mouth existence by scavenging on the rubbish dumps. Almost unbelievably, all schools remain closed for face to face teaching. 

Children of the Dump believes that every child deserves the opportunity of education NOW to begin the journey out of poverty. Home lesson packs have been developed with online support (where there is internet access) using old phones and computers donated locally.

But the costs have rocketed. You can help keep education going for our young students until normal school is possible in Manila.

Happy to receive a home learning pack in the slums by the rubbish dumps
Happy to receive a home learning pack in the slums by the rubbish dumps

How can I take part?

Donations over £1 can be made between noon on Tuesday December  1st and noon on Tuesday December 8th ONLY  through this button below.

Amounts raised over £14,500 or at different times are still vital but will not be doubled. All donations attract Gift Aid from UK taxpayers. Sterling donations can be made  from anywhere in the world.

Please tick the box so Big Give can share your details with us.

Can I find out more?

If you have questions or need help to make online payments phone the office on 01276 942030 or email

Follow us on Facebook (childrenofthedumpmanila) for updates on the campaign

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Only during the Big Give Christmas Challenge Week your donation is DOUBLED