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Stories from children that were supported by the charity. From heart breaking backgrounds living and working on the Payatas dump, the charity has many successful stories.

Find out how sponsorship really can help save children from extreme poverty.

Grown up Danny-Lisondra was sponsored by Charity

Danny Boy Lisondra

I was 6 years old when I entered Mango Tree House in 2003. I was very small and timid I was also the youngest until I reached first grade. I used to cry every time..

Jamaica now grown up

Jamaica Jumagdao

I was able to be a Grapevine student as my father did not earn enough to support me, my 3 brothers and my mother. As a student I was trained to be a better person...

Family who benefit from your sponsorship


In her own words Mary Christine explains how Cashew helps her family... Cashew Tree has a huge heart for the less fortunate children like my child, Candice.