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Charity Success Story Manila - Danny Boy Lisondra

Hi my name is Danny Boy Lisondra

And this is my story…

I was 6 years old when I entered Mango Tree House in 2003. I was very small and timid. I was also the youngest until I reached first grade.

I used to cry every time I go to school. I hid myself behind our classroom door because I was afraid of my teachers. But as the years passed, I got used to it and opened myself to other people and started making friends. In the end, I graduated in the top 7 in our Elementary class.

I entered high school in 2009. It was frightening at first because of the new environment, new set of classmates, teachers and the new school. I graduated high school in 2013. Everything changed when I entered college in 2013 where I took a Diploma. I loved every bit of it and I had my own circle of friends.

At Mango Tree House I was taught a lot of things, from how I can better myself up to the things I needed to know. My entire 13-year stay was my life’s highlight.I was not only provided with my basic needs like food on the table, clothes to keep me warm and shelter over my head. They instilled in me the importance of my dreams and my capacity to realize them and make them happen. They paved the way towards a bright future ahead of me.

I am now living back with my family in our house and happily employed as a Customer Service Representative for Verizon East Sales supporting the USA. I am slowly achieving my dreams and I am still on track to achieving my ultimate dream at the moment and that is to finish a bachelor’s degree.

I never really had the chance to personally thank each of you so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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