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Children of the Dump is a UK Christian Children's charity working in the Philippines.

The values and ethos of the charity are based in the timeless teachings of Christ, these principles serve as our moral compass, inspiring us to provide educational assistance and support to children from any background.

Children of the Dump work from our UK High Cross Church in Camberley, Surrey.

The children are supported in their spiritual development as part of their education. Those who live-in at Mango House, take part in nightly devotions that are organised and led by the older children supported by the staff team. It’s a precious time for everyone to reflect on Bible passages and relate these to their daily lives. They are joyous worship events where the children give thanks to God for their blessings and prayers are said for those in need. It is an important and valued part of family life at Mango House.

On Saturdays the Mango children are joined by Grapevine students, who are part of the children's charity community but able to live at home with their families. A local Pastor runs special education sessions for the students. Some children learn to play musical instruments; a skill often used in the nightly devotions.

With excellent links to local Christian Churches, many children smarten themselves up for a Sunday morning Church service in the local village. 

These vital Christian church links have often led to referrals of children in need of educational support to Children of the Dump from communities such as Payatas, Kasiglahan and San Isidro, some of the poorest communities in the Philippines.

Some of the children have gone on to successfully spread God’s work in the world. The progress of Alben, a former pupil at Mango, in becoming a missionary in Papua New Guinea is a particular source of inspiration to everyone involved from the charity and the local teachers and church leaders.

Back to school in manilla after Covid

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Your donations or regular sponsorship will help a child's education and their spiritual development.

Albens Story

From poverty to becoming a Christian Missionary

Alben came to Mango Tree House aged 9 because his parents had split up and he had lost contact with his family.

From this loving home he took his opportunity of education, graduated with qualifications and got a good job in sales. Miraculously at that time, with help from the charity, he again found his family (now in faraway Mindanao) through Facebook and was able to help in the family banana growing business, until sadly this was lost after a typhoon.

Now Alben has new hope and purpose in his local Church. He has been so successful that he has become a missionary in Papua New Guinea.

Alben now working as a missionary

While preparing visas for this he was able to visit Mango House to inspire his much younger brother who is still at Mango and doing well.