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ESSENTIALS - Monthly Donation Children's Charity Donations

Give as little as £8 per month to support the education work.

ESSENTIALS lets you regularly support all the Children of the Dump, whatever their age, instead of sponsoring an individual child.

ESSENTIALS means that your sponsorship will help to transform the lives of all of the children by contributing to their education and support where it is most needed; ESSENTIALS may help pay for a teacher, education materials or food so that the children are not hungry and can focus on learning. You can have confidence that the fully trained Filippino staff know how best to improve lives of the children as the charity has already been doing so for nearly 50 years.

Give as little as £8 per month to support the education work. If you can give more that  is fantastic. UK tax payers can increase the impact at no extra cost by signig up for Gift Aid

It is easy to start and stop payments online with our Childrens Charity. Please start helping today by clicking on the button below. Contact us for more information.

Or download the Bank Standing Order Form and follow the instructions to return it

Boy sponsored education at Cashew school