Sponsor a Child

Children who need sponsors today

A number of children start their education without a sponsor in place so that they can benefit from a full school year.

Here are 2 young children looking for their place to be sponsored today. Sponsors are welcome from anywhere in the world. 


Birthday: February 20th 2017

Opportunity: Beautiful 5 year old Lya is a young petite girl who is a very obedient, cheerful, kind and sweet daughter to her parents. Lya loves to do painting and writing letters. Lya’s ambition is to become a model or a ballerina. She sees herself performing all over the world.

Support needed;  Her father Patrick is a Lala move rider earning 500-700 (£7/8) pesos a day. But most of the time, his income is 400 pesos or even less will be taken home due to insufficient booking of deliveries.  Her mother, Vaniesa, is the one who takes care of Lya.  To have an additional income, her mother grows plants and sells them. Her mother always has a difficult time budgeting their income.  Sometimes they run out of budget, so they buy their food that suits their budget.  Despite the situation, they never fail to give Lya her needs.

Lya needs support of £16 per month (that's about USD 21) to ensure that she can take that opportunity of education.


Birthday: October 1st 2016

Opportunity: Danielle is a shy boy who wants to become a policeman someday. He loves to play with his playmates, he also loves to dance and draw. His father, Julius, works as a mechanic helper and earns 5000 (£76) pesos monthly. His mother, Charlyn, is the one who takes care of their children. Since his father’s salary is their only source of income, his mother accepts laundry jobs from other families to help with their expenses.

Support needed: The family live in a small house owned by his grandparents, its  by the cliff side, next to the landfill. For their safety, they have put a wooden fence around it just to be safe. Their house is made up of scrap materials and the area is muddy and overflowing with smells from the dump site. Their greatest fear is that when there is a storm and it rains heavily, it is possible for the roof to be torn off and the constant fear of a landslide. So every time the rain comes, they are restless because they may lose their house or even worse their lives in an instant. Danielle's  parents don’t have a choice but to live and stay there because that’s the only vacant place in their area, and do not have enough money to rent a house. His parents are doing their best to provide for the needs of their children, most especially in education, despite the difficult situation they are in.
Danielle needs support of £16 per month (that's about USD 21) to ensure that he can take that opportunity of education.