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Children near Payatas, Manila who need sponsors today

A number of Filipino children start their education without a sponsor in place so that they can benefit from a full school year.

Here are 2 young children looking for their place to be sponsored today. Sponsors for these children are welcome from anywhere in the world. 

Prince Xyrus

Birthday: September 19th 2016
Grapevine Student


8 year old Prince comes from a family of rubbish dump scavengers that has moved to 3 different dump locations since the family’s home was destroyed because they did not own the land. They now live in Sito Pintor an isolated village in jungle beside the San Isidro rubbish dump. Prince lives with his Mum and Dad and 4 year old brother in Grandmothers shack- a simple structure that has virtually no furniture apart from an old bamboo frame sofa.

2 years ago, Prince had an opportunity as one of the first children to go to the only school in the village, the new Cashew Early Years School. He did well at reading, counting, and drawing and has a great interest in flowers and animals.

Support needed;

Because of his Early Years success he has started as a Grapevine student which means there is full support to let Prince go to public school every day. The family would not have been able to afford this from their own resources. 

Prince's mother is hugely supportive of him going to school. She understands that education leads to a better life than she has had around the city rubbish dumps. 

All that is needed now is a sponsor to ensure that this education can continue. £25 a month, less than £1 a day, is enough to change his world for the better



Birthday: April 30th 2014

Grapevine Student


Franchesca is a cheery 6 year old who lives with her parents and who adores her 11 year old brother. They live in a basic concrete resettlement home in Kasiglian village having moved away from the dump. Sadly, after the family saved hard to buy a simple gas cooker, the price of bottled gas had shot up, so mum is back to relying on charcoal to cook their food.

This year Franchesca finished Cashew Early Years school as a star pupil. For that reason her teachers nominated her to become a Grapevine scholar which means that, so long as she keeps studying, the family receives a small amount of money so she can focus on school and not have to work supporting mum in her washing and cleaning jobs around the village.

Franchesca is old to enough to realise that the family doesn't have much money, so she insists on walking to school rather than going by bus although the journey is a bit tiring sometimes. 

Support needed:
To keep Franchesca's school dreams secure she needs a sponsor able to support her Grapevine scholarship. This is the equivalent of £25 per month. Please become Franchesca's hero and be a sponsor.