Sponsor a Child

Children who need sponsors today

A number of children start their education without a sponsor in place so that they can benefit from a full school year.

Here are 2 young children looking for their place to be sponsored today. Sponsors are welcome from anywhere in the world. 



Birthday: December 10th 2015
Aldine is already 5 years old and has successfully completed his first year at Cashew Early Years School. See how excited he was to put on the graduation gown at the end of term in June. He is bright and a good online student. Both his parents  work but are very dependent on short term jobs in construction and in the market. Money is very tight so the family survives almost entirely on instant food. With his mum, dad and younger brother they all crowd in to live in his grandmothers tiny shack where Aldine helps with sweeping and cleaning. 
Both his grandmother and mum help Aldine to learn and because of this support he is likely to continue to do well at school. To ensure this continues Aldine needs a sponsor for another year at Cashew Early Years School.  
Just £16 per month can guarantee the future of Aldine at school. With that security the rest of the family can focus on working to earn money for food and other living costs. If you are able to sponsor Aldine then we will tell you why his nickname is 'Dave'.


Birthday: May 26th 2016
Opportunity: Amber needs help to start education at Cashew as her young parents lack the money to give her the future she deserves.
Amber is already 4 years old. Her parents are very loving and want the best for her but they were still teenagers when she was born. Even today they only have casual part time jobs; not enough to provide money to support an independent family life. They all live with Amber's grandmother and aunties and uncles in a small concrete house nearby the school.
Amber is an incredibly cheerful girl who loves to play with her cousin and especially likes to dance. Unusually perhaps, her favourite foods are vegetables but she also likes hotdogs and chocolate. She already knows that she wants to be a doctor to help sick people.
Support needed: Cashew Early Years School. Each  place needs £16 support per month for 4 to 6 year olds