Sponsor a Child

Children who need sponsors today

A number of children start their education without a sponsor in place so that they can benefit from a full school year.

Here are 2 young children looking for their place to be sponsored today. Sponsors are welcome from anywhere in the world. 



Birthday: March 24th 2016
Opportunity: Jaymes is a real live wire who  has done really well in his first year at Cashew Early Years with good grades and a Special Award. In the picture he has dressed up as he wants to be a doctor so he can help with his grandmothers medicine

He loves learning from You Tube videos which he sees on borrowed phones and even on an old tablet. Home life is tricky because he and his 3 year old brother are mostly looked after by his mum's bothers so he is passed around the barrio where they live. Jaymes has never met his real dad. Mum is still studying and will soon graduate from school whilst barely scraping a living trying to sell watches as well in a small shop where the owner lets her sleep. To save on the need for extra rent and  travel mum only comes back to see her children every 2 weeks.
Support needed: Sponsorship of £16 per month for Jaymes to stay at Cashew Early Years means that his mum can rely on something apart from the family bonds and kindness of her own brothers


Birthday: September 13th 2016


Beautiful 5 year old Reshell is interested in everything around her and especially with the Barbie doll she got given once and plays with as often as possible.
 She is already interested  in helping her mother with cooking but shockingly there isn't always enough food every day for her, her Mum , Dad and older brother. Dad works hard  driving someone else's small truck around the slum of Payatas in Manila but there are not as many jobs as he would like and competition is strong. Everyday Reshell lifts his spirits by asking if Dad's work went well.

Support needed;

Reshell is lucky that her loving parents understand that education is important and can transform her young life and that from this the whole family can benefit. To take that opportunity they need a sponsorship of just £16 per month (that is just 50p every day) from an amazing sponsor  prepared to sponsor a place at Cashew School.