Sponsor a Child

Children who need sponsors today

A number of children start their education without a sponsor in place so that they can benefit from a full school year.

Here are 2 young children looking for their place to be sponsored today. Sponsors are welcome from anywhere in the world. 



Birthday: September 13th 2016

Opportunity: Beautiful 5 year old Reshell is interested in everything around her and especially with the Barbie doll she got given once and plays with as often as possible.

She is already interested  in helping her mother with cooking but shockingly there isn't always enough food every day for her, her Mum , Dad and older brother. Dad works hard  driving someone else's small truck around the slum of Payatas in Manila but there are not as many jobs as he would like and competition is strong. Everyday Reshell lifts his spirits by asking if Dad's work went well.

Support needed; Reshell is lucky that her loving parents understand that education is important and can transform her young life and that from this the whole family can benefit. To take that opportunity they need a sponsorship of just £16 per month (that is just 50p every day) from an amazing sponsor  prepared to sponsor a place at Cashew School.


Birthday: November 16th 2017

Opportunity: Young James is only just 4 years old and lives in the isolated community of Sitio Pintor, where Children of the Dump has become the first charity to work with the desperately poor families who live right by the rubbish dump of San Isidro. 

Dad scavenges on the dump but rarely earns more than about £3.50 a day so life is hard and food is short. Mum was just 17 when James was born and wants, and hopes, to restart her own education one day and so begin to progress to a better life. In the meantime the family of 3 live in a small shack built out of remnants from the dump. There is an outdoor cooking area but no bathroom. Luckily  grandmother has a latrine by her nearby shack which they can all use.  For electricity the family rely on an old car battery that is recharged every week at a cost of about £1.50. James has his friends in the barrio and loves playing with the  couple of old toy cars that Dad found on the dump.

Support needed: James parents believe in education. They realise that James needs Early Years school to stand a chance of becoming ready to keep up with other children  in the large classes of the public schools when he is old enough to go. They know how lucky he is to be one of the first children to be helped in their community. To keep that dream  alive, James needs support of £16 per month (thats about USD 21) to ensure that he can take that opportunity of education.