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Charity Success Story Manila - Mary Christine

In her own words Mary Christine explains how Cashew helps her family

Cashew Tree charity programme has a huge heart for the less fortunate children like my child, Candice.  My husband and I have a low income which is not enough for my five children.

When my daughter was admitted to Cashew, I was thrilled because it can help us to lessen the expenses knowing that we cannot afford to send our daughter to a good school. We heard that Cashew has an excellent reputation for teaching small children. Cashew has a lot of activities that develop the confidence of our children.

They also have programs for us parents like Bible study, seminars, family activities and meetings that teach us to be a responsible and supportive parent. I became a follower of Christ, and my faith grew stronger. I also applied the lessons that I learned from our weekly Bible study with my family. We all learned to pray as a family, not just every meal time but before and after we sleep. We ensure that we have built our altars and have a relationship with God.

The education that Candice has learned in school also became our bond when we eat as a family. We are amazed at how enthusiastic and how much she has learned in a day when she tells us her stories. My older son and daughter are so proud of what Candice has learned.

It is funny how my daughter Candice teaches us the correct pronunciation of words when we mispronounce them. She also pretends to be a teacher, where she explains to us her lessons or her assignments in school. We are amazed by how the Cashew Tree teachers have taught our dear Candice. We are thankful to be a part of the Cashew family, and we hope that there will be more families like us who will benefit from the work that Cashew does.  We are grateful that my child and my family experience the love and support from Cashew.

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