Typhoon Vamco Update

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You may have seen reports of the devastating typhoons which passed through Manila. I am writing to keep you informed of the situation of children and families in the care of Children of the Dump.

Unfortunately, Rizal, the area where we work has been very badly affected.
Everyone in Mango Tree House is safe and well although electricity and water supplies were interrupted. A small borrowed generator was used to charge phones and a flashlight used to see at night. Power has now been restored, but clean drinking water still remains a problem. The staff at Mango are sourcing bottle water for drinking.
As far as we know, all families in our communities are safe and either in evacuation centres or on high ground, although it may take a few more days to confirm everyone’s whereabouts as communications are difficult at this time.

Local disaster relief operations are up and running for emergency food, dry clothes and accommodation so there is little we can do here in the UK except pray for everyone and their continued safety. As the water recedes it is likely that insects and rats will come out in the tropical heat and humidity. There is a big risk of Dengue Fever from mosquitos in stagnant water.

Typhoon Ondoy hit in 2009 and impacted our local area very badly. I visited just after the waters subsided and witnessed the horrendous damage left in its wake. I imagine Vamco will leave a similar situation where those homes that have not been washed away are filled to the roof with thick black fetid mud washed down from the dumpsite. Families will have lost everything they possess.
Communities will pull together as they always do and neighbours will help each other out.  Children of the Dump will help as we can to assist those in our care to return to some kind of normality.
Kay Mackay/ Chair of Children of the Dump
Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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