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First name: Marry Jane

Date of Birth: 8th February 2016

Age: 6 years old

Place of Birth:  Rodriguez Rizal

Mother’s name:  Ginalyn

Mother’s employment: Housewife

Father’s name:  Francisco

Father’s employment: Scavenger

Marry Jane’s father is a scavenger who earns less than £3 per day. He is the only one in the family who works to meet their basic needs, while Marry Jane’s mother Ginalyn looks after the family. They live near the dump site and built their house out of old tarpaulin and plywood. They use a battery for the solar panel to provide at least a temporary source of power. Unfortunately, they must pay a weekly fee of 70 pesos for the battery recharge fee. The family do not have access to clean water, so they must buy bottles. This costs 210 pesos per week.

The family are finding it more and more difficult to meet their daily needs but as parents they are doing everything possible to help their children complete their studies and achieve their life goals. They understand how difficult it is to live and find a stable job when you do not have a good education. Her parents don’t want her to go through a life of poverty like theirs.

Marry Jane is a sweet and shy young lady. She aspires to be a teacher one day. She enjoys fried chicken, vegetables, and her all-time favourite, sweet        chocolate rice porridge. She enjoys playing with dolls that her father has found in the trash at the dump.

Marry Jane recently completed her Cashew Tree Early Years with awards as Most Behaved, Brilliant Behaviour, and Best in Reading and With Honours.

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MEET A Cashew Student

Name Reshell

Age: 6 y/o

Place of Birth: Sitio Pintor Brgy. San Isidro,

Reshell is a shy young lady who aspires to be a teacher one day. She is not picky about food because her parents taught her and her siblings to be grateful for what they had, especially in     difficult circumstances. She enjoys playing with improvised dumpsite toys. She helped her  younger brother with homework and activities during her first year at Cashew School because they are in the same class. They seized the opportunity. Whilst her mother is busy caring for the youngest brother,.

Reshell comes from a large family. Her father, Iriel, is a hardworking scavenger who earns 300 pesos per day. She also has a loving and caring mother, Celsa who looks after them tirelessly. She wants to work to help her husband, but the children are too young to leave. There are no relatives who can look after the children if both of them work.

They live in a small house near the dump perched on the ledge of a ravine. To get to their house, you must cross the muddy and dangerous ravine’s edge. It’s made of reclaimed wood. They also use an old tyre as a weight on the roof in the event of a strong wind. The floor in their home is not concrete. When it gets wet, it becomes muddier, and your feet sink when you step on it. There is no source of electricity or clean water in the area. They rely on a rechargeable battery for a temporary source of electricity. Charging the battery costs 70    pesos per week. They rely on the purified water delivered daily to ensure they have access to clean water, which costs 25 pesos per container. It is difficult because they must carry the heavy container up to their house. Her parents are unable to avoid borrowing money for food because earnings on the rubbish dump are irregular is the only way for them to eat.

Even though they are in a difficult situation and cannot afford the life they    desire, they are happy that they are at least safe because that is the most     important thing to them.



Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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