The big success of Stephen

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Stephen who has recently graduated from college in Manila and now has a bright career ahead of him

Now with qualifications ready for life away from the rubbish dumps

Stephen on his arrival at Mango House

Stephen has lived in Mango Tree House for some years where he has been nurtured with loving support from the staff, teachers, and his sponsor as he had nowhere else to go. His parents were not able to help him. He persevered and worked hard.


Now, after so much hard study Stephen is graduating with a BSc in Accountancy. A month before graduation Stephen was offered a part-time job at a pharmaceutical company as a Field Auditor. He did well and now has the chance for a full-time career here in this excellent company that will also offer training and opportunities for further progression.

Everyone is so proud of his achievements. He will be fully supported and advised by the team at Mango to make sure that he is fully ready and supported as his life begins its transition away from Mango. He will move out from Mango House shortly and start to live independently closer to his new job location. He is so excited about what the future holds and expects to stay in contact with everyone at Children of the Dump.

This is the latest success that supporters like you have made transforming a young child with few prospects into an optimistic young man with everything to go for.

Stephen told his story 2 years ago for us. Watch it here

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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