Children’s Christmas Messages

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Christmas cards from sponsors are important and more than 80 have just been forwarded to the children. All of these are treasured, and many will be put on school locker doors or on the walls at home. We know that some of the children keep all their cards for many years.

Many child sponsors were again delighted to receive a short video from their sponsored child to say Happy Christmas this month. The children love making these (at school or on borrowed or family phones) and sponsors get to see the children, always happy and joyful, either at school or in their homes with a unique message. Just occasionally you might also hear a chicken in the backyard or a prompt from a teacher or proud parent to remind them what to say! Over time sponsors will be able to see their children bloom as they grow up.

This year, our first sponsors took up the opportunity to send their own video replies. These can be sent direct to Manila by the UK office where ASCF staff can show them to the children. Email the video to John at making sure that you include your name and the child.

Maybe you would like to start being a part of this exciting link across the world visit our website and see the 2 featured children currently without sponsors. Sponsor a Child Today | Children of the Dump Manilla

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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