February 23 News Sheet ‘Cooling Down Time’

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Manila is in the Tropics, so it is always hot, but it is most humid and uncomfortable (even for locals) during the early months of the year. Mango House is only a few miles from Manila Bay but because of the traffic congestion it can take hours to drive there and it’s really not a good idea to go in the sea because of pollution. Efforts to clean up the bay have begun to succeed, and the water is now just a bit less smelly than before, but it is still far too dirty to go into the water safely.

Instead, families, groups of friends and neighbours go to simple small resorts located throughout the city which can be a cheap excursion that lasts the whole day. The main focus of these resorts is a large outdoor swimming pool. There are also simple huts where people can stay overnight or use as day rooms and there are larger open side covered shelters with roofs for protection from the sun and daily tropical downpours. Groups bring food and drink along and perhaps have a barbecue. Often a sound speaker or karaoke machine system will be hired or, if there are musicians amongst the visitors they bring their instruments. Everyone sings along.

Recently a UK supporter was kind enough to sponsor an outing for the children of Mango Tree House as a treat at the weekend. Thank you Stella!. The youngest children were so excited and were packed and raring to go way before it was time to set off. They talked about the day and the pool for weeks afterwards.

What a great opportunity to get away from the daily grind!


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Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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