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Jai is a Grade 3 student at GSIS Village Elementary School. Even though she has only recently transferred to her school, she excels in her studies. She did well and had no failing grades at the time.

Her general average at Romblon ranged up to 87 in her final year at San Roque Elementary School. She has yet to receive a school achievement, but she is determined to do so.

Jai is also known as a quick learner because she can read English and Filipino words. Jai’s life dream is to be a teacher.

To sponsor Jai click on this link. Sponsor a Child Today | Children of the Dump Manilla

Support need;

For just £25 per month(£6.25 per week) Jai like all Grapevine students receives free teaching 5 days a week from a professionally qualified teacher, plus all of her books, pens & paper are supplied by the Charity through donations.

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