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Marry Jane 2023

Hello, my name is Marry Jane.

I was a student at Mango Tree House where they supported me for fifteen years until I graduated Bachelor in Elementary Education. At the moment, I am now working as Assistant Teacher at Cashew.

Being able to see one of my dreams come true was an honour and such a blessing not only for me but also for my family. Without your help, I would not be able to accomplish what I am now experiencing this time.

I am really grateful that I was given the chance to work as an Assistant Teacher at Cashew. It was not an easy road to walk through. I have failed and experienced disappointments before, but I always considered these setbacks to be a necessary part of the learning process. After all, success isn’t everything in life; failure is also a part of it.

It is a blessing for me to have a mentor like teacher Lyn. She taught me everything she knew. Including all of her tactics. When I was in high school, I recall being terrified of having my work critiqued by my teacher. But now that I’ve accepted it, I’m working to develop myself despite whatever they have to say about my job. Here I am today, I’m in charge of the afternoon class as their teacher. Yes, I’m excited to be a teacher for the upcoming academic year.

Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters who have made my dream become a reality.

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