A full year at school with face to face classes after the pandemic so the joyous ceremony took place at Cashew Tree School instead of online.

It is a great celebration for children, family, and staff. All students receive a certificate and rosette. Many parents are so proud of their children’s achievements that these are put the walls of their often small and their humble homes as the only decorations.


After 2 years at Cashew the children are ready to go on to public school which is free. The early years skill set acquired at Cashew make them very likely to be top pupils. Without this head start and social skill set many children from the poorest backgrounds become overwhelmed in the large classes and drop out of school, maybe to earn money around the rubbish dumps for daily food.

Many of the children won’t need extra support from Children of the Dump but those who are most needy and have academic potential become Grapevine students. This means that families receive support to ensure that their children can continue at school, such as jeepney fares to get to school and money for food to replace the meagre earnings that children not in school can earn around the rubbish dumps.


Education is the best long term way for the children to climb out of poverty. As supporters and sponsors of Children of the Dump you are making this possible, so as ever thank you for supporting another successful school year.

Well done children, staff, and supporters.

A job well done!

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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