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The new school year won’t begin in Manila until late August.

Although things are not quite as hectic now, work never stops for the team at Cashew Early Years School and Mango Tree House. It’s not just preparation of the classrooms and lessons. The social workers continue their regular visits to families living in the difficult surroundings of the rubbish dumps and help ensure that things are still on track at home for the children. These neighbourhoods often have many social and health problems because of the pressures of poverty such as crime and substance misuse so it’s good to keep in contact over the summer break.

Summer school is a brilliant way to keep the youngsters engaged and ensures that they don’t forget everything already learned. It is also helpful to introduce the new 4 year old students at Cashew School to get used to things before proper school starts so things can get off to a flying start in the new school year.

Here in the picture the teaching staff are all so nicely turned out and glowing with pride at the children’s success at the recent Graduation Day Ceremony; Daisylin, Rynalyn, Edith, Rosemarie, and Ibanez.

You might also recognise Mary Jane who we told you about last summer. She is a former Mango House student who graduated from college last year after completing her teaching qualifications and is now back as a teacher.

Head Teacher Charo and trainee Josephine Anne are also vital but missed the photocall.

Without this wonderful team who individually always go well beyond their teaching duties nothing would be achieved so a special well done to each and every one.

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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