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First day back at school on August 29th was about creating order out of chaos at Cashew School in Manila with children everywhere around the school and many just a bit anxious about what comes next.

A year ago with the pandemic restrictions just finished there were 100 students back at school after a 2 year gap. This year, with the need for Early Years education as great as ever in the rubbish dump communities, Cashew School has doubled in size, and 201 mostly 4 year old young students have started their long path out of poverty through education. We feel very blessed that supporters have made that possible through their donations.

This is the largest ever intake and many thanks go to the staff who have been busy assessing families for places since Easter to make this possible.

After a warm welcome, the first task for everyone was to make a ‘My first day at school’ hat and as you can see it was a happy end to the day with everyone coming up smiling.

Education eventually equips the children to help themselves and their families out of the poverty trap, that is a life of scavenging on the rubbish dumps of Manila.Most of these students don’t yet have sponsors for the 2 years at Cashew so if you can help out, now is absolutely the best time for them to have the reassurance of sponsors.

Just £4 per week (collected as £16 per month) is enough to guarantee a nutritious daily meal, 5 days a week schooling and all their school materials.

Visit or contact the Charity office by email or call 01276-942030

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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