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Christina Mae is now sponsored.

Thank you N N for your sponsorship.


A bright, cheerful nine-year-old, Christine Mae has achieved top grades at school and won several awards last year, including the Eager Beaver award, Brave Soul award, and Most Prudent award. As a child, she loves school and insists on doing her homework before playing at home. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up because her mother has suffered serious asthma problems since giving birth to her younger sister. Mum cannot work because of this.

Dad works as a caretaker, but he has to commute long distances and spends almost half of his earnings on his journey to work, so money is scarce. As a result of an Aunt’s generosity, the family lives in a simple house without paying market rent, and a neighbour who shares their electricity and water. As a matter of fact, Christine Mae was recommended by a neighbour to the Grapevine program, which provides sufficient funds so the family can send her to school.

As a student, Christina Mae is passionate about researching new topics, especially science, but struggles with maths. Currently, she needs a Grapevine sponsor willing to give less than £1 a day (£25 a month) in order to continue her education with the necessary materials. Please help her if you can.

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