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Thank you to HS for sponsoring Franchesca, not only will the sponsorship make a difference to her life, but also of her future generations to come.

Franchesca is a cheery 6 year old who lives with her parents and who adores her 11 year old brother. They live in a basic concrete resettlement home in Kasiglian village having moved away from the dump. Sadly, after the family saved hard to buy a simple gas cooker, the price of bottled gas had shot up, so mum is back to relying on charcoal to cook their food.

This year Franchesca finished Cashew Early Years school as a star pupil. For that reason her teachers nominated her to become a Grapevine scholar which means that, so long as she keeps studying, the family receives a small amount of money so she can focus on school and not have to work supporting mum in her washing and cleaning jobs around the village.

Franchesca is old to enough to realise that the family doesn’t have much money, so she insists on walking to school rather than going by bus although the journey is a bit tiring sometimes.

To keep Franchesca’s school dreams secure she needs a sponsor able to support her Grapevine scholarship. This is the equivalent of £25 per month. Please become Franchesca’s hero and be a sponsor.

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