Janaris Summer at Grapevine has now been sponsored, Thank you.

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Summer is 6 years old and successfully graduated from Cashew Early Years School last summer with a glowing school report despite a harsh home life.
She has now started at big school but continuation of this is at risk. The family’s economic situation has never been great as Dad has a poorly paid night guard job. Home is a small 2 room concrete shell owned and shared by an uncle, her Mum, Dad, older sister, and younger brother. It’s beside a very busy, dangerous road so the children can’t play outside unsupervised.

Already there was not enough money to feed everyone properly and for regular supplies of cylinder gas (to cook with) and bottled water at home. Now there is a newly born 2nd baby brother, Cheska as well. Although he is adorable, it means more pressure on family finances and there just isn’t the spare money to ensure that Summer and her older sister can both stay in school, despite their great progress in class to date.

£25 per month sponsorship for Summer would be just enough to ensure that she can stay at school as a Grapevine scholar and allow the family to focus their meagre existing resources to keep her sister, Cloud, in school without outside support.

In this instance sponsoring just one young child has the effect of keeping 2 diligent sisters in school, both alive with the hopes of a better life after studying hard. Summer’s dream is to become an air hostess one day.

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