Great news, Maxine has been sponsored.

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Thank you to MC for sponsoring Maxine, not only will the sponsorship make a difference to her life, but also of her future generations to come.

6 year old Max graduated from Cashew Early Years and loves ‘big school’ where she keenly participates in all her classes. Her teachers love the respect she gives them always calling them ‘Po’

Dad works long and hard as a construction worker but can’t often afford the fare home so Mum & Max look after the other 3 children. The family are lucky with a good landlord for their bare semi-concrete home who offsets rent for them as they look after his chickens. By sharing with a neighbour they can usually just afford some electricity

Mum and Dad are determined that all 4 children will earn themselves a better life than they have had. They know that education is the route to that.

Max is an ideal scholar because of her dedication to study- she wants to be a teacher one day.

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