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10 year old Althea is focused on her academics. She is in 3rd Grade and her class is from 11:45 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

The family pays 1,500 pesos per month to rent a tiny shanty house in Amityville. The construction is made from repurposed materials like old plywood, tarpaulin, and galvanised iron. During the night, the little space they have serves as their dining room, kitchen, and sleeping quarters. They acquire water from their neighbours for 5 pesos per 5-liter bottle and utilise power, which they pay for based on usage.

Althea walks to her school every day, which is only a few minutes away from their house. She is a timid child who transforms into a cheery youngster once she gets to know someone. Althea enjoys science topics but struggles with English. She is working hard to enhance her grades.

Support needed:

Althea is an ideal scholar because of her dedication to study- she wants to be a teacher one day.

With a sponsor, someone like you, her education will be assured. The limited family money so freed up can then be focused on the education of her 2 siblings.

One sponsorship of 80p per day (£25/ USD 32) per month for Althea therefore helps a total of 3 children go to school. What an amazing difference you can make. Please would you sign up now?

Click this link to be taken to the sponsorship page.

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