Saturday morning activities held at Mango.

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One of the things that makes Children of the Dump support different for the children are the regular Saturday morning activities held at Mango House.

It’s a chance for the children who live at Mango House to meet some of the Grapevine programme children who live at home with their parents and go to a variety of different public schools depending on where they live. Extra tuition and support are available from the fabulous teachers. Students have access to Wi-Fi, computers, and study space to do their school homework as often the facilities in their own homes are not ideal for quiet studying.

There is also a focus on fun and games, and everyone joins in. Often the older children enjoy leading the younger children in their activities along with the regular staff. It is an important way for children of different ages to come together as an extended family. The extra study support is of course helpful in getting ahead in schooling during the following week, but the activities are also a highly successful way to develop the confidence and social skills of these young people who haven’t always had the easiest start in life. Anyone who has been there on a Saturday knows just how joyful and full of laughter these occasions are. Click on the video link to get a taste of this hubbub!

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