Volunteer Role for Children of the Dump Coordinator for Marathons and /or other fundraising sporting events

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Children of the Dump looking for a  Volunteer who will lead on the process of attracting and supporting runners or other sports people who will raise money for Children of the Dump through sponsorship whilst running in a marathon or other sporting events.

What will you be doing

This role could be either as a volunteer or a Trustee, depending on your interests and experience. You will plan our marathon campaign, networking with running groups and clubs providing potential runners with support such as information packs and social media coverage to attract sponsors and recognition. You will be welcome to attend Board meetings of the charity and make an input to future fundraising plans.

What are we looking for


A commitment to the cause

Energy integrity and enthusiasm


An interest in running or other sports

Able to work independently

You should feel strongly about the cause of Children of the Dump and want to combine your expertise and passion to help create a better life for the children of scavenger families in Manila. You must be willing to bring your skills and experience to the table to help shape Children of the Dump’s future.

To learn more about Children of the Dump visit the website Children of the Dump Charity | What we do to help children

To apply for this volunteer post email a letter of application and a short CV to

About Children of the Dump

Children of the Dump is a UK based Children’s Charity, registered as Asian Students Christian Trust. It will offer you the chance to help provide education for some of the most deprived and vulnerable children in the Philippines. Through our Filipino partner organisation, The Asian Students Christian Foundation (ASCF), we deliver family support and loving care to deprived children living in extreme poverty around the Payatas and San Isidro rubbish dumps in Manila, Philippines. We expect to raise about 230 thousand pounds a year and have one part-time employee in the UK.

Since 1975 the supporters of Children of The Dump, along with colleagues in ASCF, have been giving young people the chance to escape the cycle of poverty through education. Today we help care for over 300 children in different ways, some of whom have been neglected, abused, or even abandoned. We retain a liberal Christian ethos and welcome Trustees and volunteers irrespective of beliefs.

Our services in Manila are:

Cashew Tree Early Years School: which gives children a free quality educational start, graduates become students in demand in the public system rather than automatic failures. From the new school year, we have 200 places available for students.

Grapevine scholarship programme: the neediest students who show academic potential are identified at Cashew and put forward for the financial and social support of this programme. Students are assisted to thrive in their education in public school with additional Saturday School and feeding days at our Mango Tree House and regular social worker visits at home and school. Support continues until the student completes their education at whatever level. From this school year we will be supporting 125 students.

Mango Tree House: a residential children’s home where 25 children who have nowhere safe to live are loved and nurtured in this family environment to enable them to make the most of the educational opportunities afforded to them.

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

Support our work

There are many ways that you can help transform young lives in Manila.