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Change from Change is a great new way that you can easily help the children in Manila by giving your everyday loose change

Ask for one of our new Loose Change cardboard boxes and keep it at home and save any loose change you collect. Once you have collected an amount of coins simply pay them in to your own bank account and transfer the amount across to Children of the Dump.

With bank branches closing down we recommend popping in to pay-in money to your existing bank account at your local Post Office which also helps Children of the Dump because there are no bank charges for this.

One of our volunteers, Michael, tested Change from Change for us over recent weeks.

‘I couldn’t believe how easy it was to collect change. I found lots of coins hidden away all over the house (money I didn’t know I had) and the box filled up in next to no time. The attractive box was on my kitchen windowsill and friends visiting noticed it. That gave me a perfect opportunity to tell them about the children in Manila and they ended up putting some of their own money in and asking for their own collection box.’

”I was amazed how simple it was to pay in the money to my normal bank account at the Post Office on the corner of my road. They gave me free coin bags and there was no paperwork. They even adjusted the number of coins in the bags without any fuss (I had put a couple too many in one bag). The whole process took just a minute. I had raised enough to keep a Grapevine student studying at school for 2 months. It felt really good to know I could make a difference with such a small effort.’

Initiatives like this really help children like 7 year old  Alex and 8 year old Julrey, currently featured on our website, as they wait for regular sponsors to support their longer term schooling.



To request one, or more, Change from Change boxes for yourself, friends and family members either phone John on 01276 942030 or email

Remember to add a delivery address. We will mail you a box along with a reminder sheet that you can keep inside the box until you need it.

Gift Aid (where applicable) can be collected on personal coins.

These boxes are not suitable for use outside the home environment. If you would like to place a collection box eg in a shop then please contact us as we have other solutions.

Children sorting rubbish on the dumpsite Manila

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